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Hello Guys , i m in great need of the ressources attached to the course , i just downloaded the course from internet and there is no ressources , i can’t buy the course for finance problem , thank you , i need to learn

Which resources do you refer to @Amine_Ariss?

the ressources that are mentioned in “Learn 3D Modelling - The Complete Blender Creator Course” in udemy i have the videos i need the .blend files in the course i can’t procced in the course without them there are part of challenges and the course itself , thank you @Rob

Hi @Amine_Ariss, I am not overly familiar with the start of the course, but I would imagine @Michael_Bridges would have made any necessary files available under the Resources link within Udemy - assuming so, this is where you would download them from unless Michael advises of alternate locations - in which case he’d provide the URL’s… ?

there are in the Udemy Resources link which i can’t buy :confused: i m asking for those who already downloaded the course that could share those resources with me, thank you @Rob

If you have bought the Blender course on Udemy, any items under the Resources link would be available to download.

Have you bought this course?

i have download it , hacked, but it’s imcomplet there’s no ressource in it , i can’t afford buying it , @Rob

Amine - if you have not paid for this course you are not entitled to any of the course, including the resources. This forum and the various Facegroup groups are in place to help and support students of the course, students who have paid for it - it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to provide you will copies of the files, especially knowing that you have admitted to inappropriarely obtaining the course in the first instance.

As a suggestion, Udemy offer big discounrs on the courses from time to time, all of the courses are well worth the money, you will not only get access to the course and all of the updates that are made, you will have access to the resources and the ability to ask questions to the instructors and community when you need help and support.

Thank you for being honest enough to explain you haven’t paid for the course, could you please send me a private message with the details of who provided you with the course content, or where you found it/downloaded it from.

Copying the content of the course and sharing it for free reduces the income for the instructors who spend hours and hours producing this high quality material for the students, if there is no income from the course not only does this have a direct impact on the instructors livelihood it potentiallly risks the future develop of new courses, which in turn affects us all.

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thank you for your comprihension

Thank you for private message @Amine_Ariss.

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