Blender course - IK legs rig bends wrong way

Hi i need some help pleas with these, the leg bents the other way, i created the legs again and still i dont know whats the problem :frowning:

here is the file if you need to check it out:


Could be several problems, did you check pole rotation.
Check if the bones have the right direction of the x,y,z axes.

How did you create this armature (standard armature?)
Or building one on your own and mirroring it?
I didn’t do this course, so I don’t know the steps involved


Pose mode select all the armature with A.
Press Alt G and Alt R
Go to edit mode.
Grab the top of the thigh bone and move it inwards on the x axis until the leg bone is straight, in line. Not knock kneed as now.
Side view 3, Grab all the feet bones and move back more, just ensuring the leg has a slight bend forward at the knee.

Do both legs. If you did not have mirroring on when editing moving bones

Pose mode, all should work as expected.


Try to play with “Pole Angle” in IK modifier, it could help.


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