Blender Character Creator v2.0 - Orc module

As someone who hasn’t really touched character modelling before outside of blocky N64-type models, do you think it would be worth me trying to attempt this module with a very different character?

I don’t find myself inspired by orcs and I fear I may get too bored to finish one.
I want a more graceful or cute character. I wondered if you think this might hinder my ability to follow along if I tried it.

The principles seem the same- bipedal and human-like.

I’m mostly tempted to model NiGHTS, to be honest. I have a sudden fascination with the character.

That said I always wanted a model of these little norn guys- I have my own OC based on them, so doing it would give me more practice with original characters and will give me a chance to follow the walking animation lesson (Since NiGHTS can’t walk)


Wow, such a great character!
Very female and manga-like (long legs).

The Orc is just a subject, to teach you the process of:

  • block modeling
  • adding more details
  • sculpting
  • high poly
  • back to low poly (retopology)
  • baking the high poly details
  • texturing and painting
  • adding armature
  • basic animation, using Matamo

So, you miss a lot of information if you don’t follow the course.
You can however use your character instead of a Orc…

Have fun, in the learning process, not creating a Orc.


I think I’ve come to the realisation that modelling either character will cause me to struggle with the eyelids, as they have cartoony eyelids that have to “magically” disappear as the eyes open, and not eyelids that move like a real person’s eyelids.


Eye-lids can be done by tiny bone structures.
Or Shapekeys.

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