Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design Course Baking problems

Hii all, I got to the point that I’m ready to bake my UV map from my high model to low poly model
and when I get my baking map it has a few yellow areas, I’ve tried to see if my low poly model needs more tlc but it doesn’t seems to work any better…can anyone please help me:)


Well it is a good looking orc!

Hard to work out where the yellow is on him though, I suspect it is hands?
You can try using the (newer than the course) extrusion option, thing.
Though it may be the areas concerned are not that visible and it can be ignored, like armpits.

Other than that the cage baking option is usually better but a little more work.

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Thank you both for answering =] the problem was caused because my normals of my low poly model on the arm section were pointing the wrong way :sweat_smile: a simple check of face orientation was suggested to me and surely revealed it.
Problem solved :upside_down_face:


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