Blender Character Creator update?

I have noticed that the other Blender courses have had an update to 2.8 and additional material added to them over the past little while. I am wanting to take them but noticed the character creator class hasn’t been updated or had additional material added at all. Any thing down the pipe for this course?

Currently does not have any plans to update this course.

That’s to bad! I feel like it is a bit of a missed opportunity. They remastered their other courses, which have been amazing. An updated character rigging/animation course would be an amazing addition to their already impressive repertoire. The instructors here are some of the best I have seen online, and @Michael_Bridges, I am sure, would make it amazing.

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If you followed the transition between 2.79 and 2.8
You can still follow that course.

But a big part of that course will also explain the basics of Blender (mesh, verts, edges, faces, etc.).
I followed the animation course, after this one in 2.79. I learned a lot but it was also a lot of repetition of knowledge. It left me with mixed feelings.

It more of that with Unreal and the complete creator being remastered by Mikey and patches to the Environments course that it would be version 2.9 before we had the availability to update it.

As an alternative if you dont feel you want to try and do the conversion i recommend Darrin Lyle as a very good character artist as well on Udemy.

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