Blender Beginner: Section 1 (Final Challenge): Stay a while and listen!

Part of me is kicking myself for those bland walls, but I think it’s probably better to move on to actual sculpting lessons than dwelling on things I know I’ll be able to do better later.


I liked what you wanted to do with the roofs. I recommend creating 2-3 different sets and switching between them while decorating these kind of structure to give it more random apperance.

Overall very decent first challenge :ok_hand:

I was rotating them and flipping them at first to create the thatchwork look. But I know this is far from the correct way to do this, so I didn’t to bog down the rendering time by tripling the already multiple thousands of objects that went into the design. I know there will be texture lessons later on.

Welcome to this site.

Great scene for a beginning challenge.

Tempting though it is do not try to go too far beyond what you have been taught in the lessons. Not that there is any harm in it but you may well get stuck and frustrated, take ages to work out the problems, then in the next lecture you are shown how to do it anyway!

So bland walls are fine for now.

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