Blender asset character into UE5 its rigged but it doesn't move right

I am trying to import and create for the first time a third person character that was customized in blender. I have watched tutorials on how to animate it and no matter what i do it just moves like a starfish. I also do no understand the animation section as well. I have made some simple animations for the character such as walk and jump. When i try to move it just spins in circles and moves but its like it has no skeleton mesh properly setup… I know this is pretty vague but I am trying to create my own asset for the first time. here is the result.
Joints do not move. I have brought animations from mixamo.
I tried using this reference to help me along the way as a youtube tutorial. How To Make An Animation Blueprint In Unreal Engine 5 | How To Animate A Character - UE5 Tutorial - YouTube
(blender rig setup tutorial i followed) rig a character for unreal engine 5 to use it for retargetting and all the animations of Mannequin - YouTube

here a gist if it helps it gist:60ffece457279d252559e4f437d7e7f2 · GitHub

Do the individual animations look correct?

i think there off based on something i watched yesterday the animations dont look like there recorded or imported right

Well then that would be the culprit. If the animations aren’t correct then neither will the blueprint/blend spaces that use them.

Okay so I got my rig to work with the retargeter. I am having some small glitch errors with the mesh on some of the animations. I have it setup correctly but it looks like in some of the animations it is causing streching of my model? is there a way to correct this issue?

HE is also not on the ground like the targeted mesh.

I have made sure all the bones are correctly placed in the model and it is setup correctly in the retarget. I dont see why the asset is streching in the animations

I have got the asset retargeted properly. I gave up on how to get the small freying/streching its doing on the gloves i have spent weeks trying to tweak it with no improvement so I am moving on to the next section. was trying to make a custom character i can roam around in my Crypt raider dungeon

Sorry I can’t be of more help. It’s a bit hard to help with this particular issue, remotely.