Blender Animation Short: Riffing on the Closing Shot of `Inception`

An animated short I created in Blender:

(:link: Original reference from the film)


Nice framing, it made me miss the villain of the story the first play through.
The camera movement was nice, but it felt a little rough at the 4-second mark.
You managed to get a believable balance of warm and cool in the lighting as well.

Nice job!


Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the camera movement, I deliberately tried to make it somewhat uneven – as it seems a bit stuttery in the film itself – but you’re right that it feels a tad too rough at the four second mark.

I blame it on the spinner wobble throwing my senses off :joy:

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Do you use F-curve modifiers? If not, I’d suggest that you look into them, because they are a really good way to add things like camera shake.


Absolutely! There are… quite of few of them… driving the spinner motion :slightly_smiling_face:

The trick with the camera, though, was not making it too shaky or noisy – so I opted for manually tweaking the curves of various keyframes on the bones of the camera dolly rig that I used.

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Looks good but I have no idea what it is about. lol.

I updated the post with a link to the original scene from the film.

Even as someone who’s much more into games than movies, Inception is a classic :100:

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