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In the course on rigging Grant says to use ctrl click to select different bones in weight painting. I can’t get it to work in Blender 4, in the previous version no problem, in fact I tend to hold shift left click to move between the bones in 3.6. I can select the different bones in the vertex tab.
Have they changed the way to select different bones in weight painting in the newest incarnation of Blender?


Yes they changed the hotkey. Officially it is now Ctrl+shift+LMB. In 4.0 alt+LMB also works. I don’t know if they’ll remove the alt+LMB in 4.1 or not. Ctrl+shift+LMB was supposed to be for people who use emulate MMB (middle mouse button), but testers seem to like it even when that option in preferences isn’t checked. Since Ctrl is used for invert brush on the other paint modes the changes weight paint to match. So now Ctrl+LMB invert weight paint instead of selecting a bone.


Maybe the older videos need to display a note on the changes 4.0 brought along?

Like textures in texture painting aren’t in the pencil properties and moved in the area’s header.


Thanks Dwayne, that was it. It was driving me mad. It’s now CTRL+shift+LMB in 4.0.1. Alt+LMB doen’t work in the new version.
Sort of wish there was a list put out on shortcut changes. I spent ages getting used to them ! LoL
Can I ask, where did you get the info, I spent ages doing google searches but was getting nothing about the change?


I’d think people are only just getting their head around the changes as we now have had already an update to Blender 4. But it would be good to have.


I posted some links to help and @FedPete posted a link to a pinned post that is also very helpful. Information on 4.0


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Hi @rorsdors ,
Grant posted a video about this. One reason, which totally makes sense, is to create consistency of shortcuts between the different modes in blender.


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