Blender 4 changes and useful info for texture painting (the Orc)

Hey there,

just wanted to let you know: In case you are searching for the hotkey for the color sample (Texture Paint > S over viewport in older blender versions such as in the lecture), in Blender 4 it is Shift X apparently:

Also apparently the color sample tool should work even outside blender starting blender 4, atleast ive read that in a thread while researching the shortcut. It did work for me! So you can just google ivory or some elefant tusk and use the color sample in blender, hover over your browser and click in there. It should update your color picker in blender then.

Lastly, the texture slots part is missing in blender 4:

You dont actually need it apparently. Just make sure the Orc Color image texture is the active selection in the shader editor. Worked fine for me. And to create the texture to begin with you can repeat the process just as we did for the cavity and normal texture in the UV Editor.

Important for lecture: Blocking out colours in Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design Course



Thanks that will help me a lot right now :star_struck:


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