Blender 4.1 changes to auto smooth

So it appears that in Blender 4.1 the auto smooth angle that you mention in the video has been replaced with the “shade smooth by angle”. Using this option I was able to achive the same effect that you demonstrated in the coruse.

My question is where do I find the angle selection for this option? I looked where it was in the video and the normals line in the “object data properties” tab has been removed.

Thanks for your assistance.


Looks like it’s in the contextual popup that appears in the bottom-right.

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Add the modifier.


Actually yes, this would be even better than from the RMB context menu =)

Apologies, don’t seem to have an option to add Auto Smooth, what am I doing wrong?


So I was able to add the auto smooth as a modifier which give me access to the angle.

Drakfine you are on the right track.

Thanks to everyone that help me find this solution.


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