Blender 2.92 (doesnt have Dyntopo remesh mirror fix)

I was struggling trying to get dyntopo remesh mirror to work.
figuring it was because I was using 2.92

1st select symmetry

2nd mirror in the direction you want to go. I dont why mine is on z axis when it should be y so Warning.

3rd scroll your direction mine was -Z to +Z ??? should be y

4th hit symmetrize

after a good hr. finally got it.


Perhaps your rotations were not applied? Messing up the expected axes?

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I did over again, applied everything rotation scale size. Clicked dyntopo and the mirror stayed the same on the z axis, but the direction was dead on, with the y axis.
The only thing I can guess is the z axis runs through mass, ???
I really thought the mirror would be the same as direction.

I was struggling with this as well. I actually stopped for longer than I’d like to admit because of it. For me, I set my symmetry to Z since my model is going up on the Z axis and needed the directon go from -Y to +Y and it ended up working… I can’t really tell what’s going on with your model though. Were you able to solve this?

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