Blaster Boring - Uploaded and Post-Completion

It feels fantastic to say that I’ve designed, built and published my own game; Blaster Boring! With guidance from of course.

Still, seeing it go from an idea, to some basic shapes, to a nice compact experience with what I hope will be some good mechanical progression is elating!

I’m not quite finished with the project yet. as there’s a lighting issue in the game I want to learn how to solve before closing the book on it. Then I can begin my next game after some re organizing and “Spring Cleaning” digitally and physically.

I hope you enjoy the game and would like to play what you made too! There’s probably so many perspectives or ideas I haven’t considered in the scope of this course waiting to be seen and played :slight_smile: .


Congrats on building your game, I love the details with your scene, very professional looking too🎉

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That is really cool! I love the ship, the laser sounds and the look and feel of the environment. That is great work -

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Thank you Christopher!

I tried my best to grab some good screenshots. Was a bit challenging with trying to control the ship and hit the shortcut fast enough.

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Thank you! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the gameplay feel and aesthetic!

It may be minimal but I got some feedback that it could be my identifying style. We’ll see where that goes in the future.

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