Blaster Boring - Level 1 and Design Philosophy

Had some fun trying out casual level design. Gives me a little more confidence in doing that more freely for other game ideas I have.

I’ve decided to keep my camera fixed and design within its space as a personal challenge. I’ll be designing 9 additional levels, slowly introducing mechanics for the first 4 levels and making the other 6 significant challenges.

I’m feeling a little winded from this day-by-day game dev but very grateful for GDTV for bringing me this far and hopefully beyond soon! I’ll become a career game dev yet; whether for a studio, making one myself or as an indie alone.

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I love your design

Also, on another note, I wish you the best of luck with your game dev journeys, I to have similar dreams and you should definitely go for it. If you haven’t, once your fine with this course, I’d try to get the rpg bundle because there’s really cool stuff there, (try to wait until a discount rolls around so you only have to pay 40$, but discounts run all the time)

I wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors!

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I appreciate your well wishes and insight on next steps.

Luckily I got this course and many more in a HumbleBundle sale they had a year or two ago including the RPG one. Grateful to have gotten it when I did and happy that I decided to finally dive into it headfirst and work towards my career and creative goals!

I’ll be sure to see you in the RPG course if you’ll be taking it or have taken it!

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That’s nice!

I did the first part of the rpg course but my computer broke down, since I got a new one, I did the mobile courses and did some stuff in the unity learn platform, which has amazing free courses

They have a creative core course about post processing and advanced animation, Ar/Vr, and even mobile virtual reality which I thought was cool, so that’s where I’m at now

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Dang… Unfortunate to hear about the PC loss, but good to hear you got back on your feet in Unity Learn and post-processing, animation, AR, VR, and MVR!

My objective will be sticking to conceptual fundamentals and good ol’ 2D, 2.5D or 3D games for now. The AR/VR space will be a beast I tackle further down the line.

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Yeah I haven’t tackled the Vr,ar,mvr stuff just yet but yeah I’m excited about it

And personally I think sticking to those topics such as 2d and 3d is good because you can really excel of you focus on those concepts

On my computer, it was already 2 years old, and I ended up finding a 900$ computer(Asus ZenBook flip15) that was discounted down to 500$ at best buy, because the company apparently is getting rid of it, so I think it was worth it honestly😊

  • It was also the display computer cuz it was the last one, so it’s considered open box, small disadvantage if everyone touching it, but I’m happy
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Aye! Sounds solid either way. I find the potential applications and current popular uses of the technology interesting too.

Oof. Guess lifetime varies between manufacturers, builds and maintenance. Sounds like you got a decent deal on the ZenBook though; a solid performing PC at $500 is a real bargain.

I invested… Much more in my own custom build and peripherals, but It’s given me a powerful device that’s been “future-proofed” for at least the next 5 years with some planned upgrades on the way.

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Oh that’s a good idea to invest because you can really grow on to your computer, I also considered a desktop :desktop_computer: but settled on a laptop becase of transport, solid idea to invest for future endeavors!

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I will admit not having the portability is a relatively significant downside, but finding that portable a machine of comparable strength usually lands you in the four figure range of costs easily.

It does make up for its ability to be adaptable/upgradable though; no need to buy a new machine every time as long as I can find the parts.

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Yeah I agree, for me 4 digits is a pretty hefty investment for a computer, but if you take into account how long it lasts, it might be worth it, along with all the storage,memory, and features.

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All of this back and forth would make you my most replied to person,lol :joy:

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Ha ha :sweat_smile: . Well it’s nice to have a chat like this during game dev time. I’m sure we’ll both be getting those engagement “brownie points” for our works.

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