Blashphemous Hotkey Discovered

Well, not entirely blasphemous, but a bit peculiar. :laughing:

This happened to my model ages ago, and I didn’t know what happened to it. I finally discovered it again, on accident, but I figured out what happened. And because the lecture includes a subdivision already is entirely a coincidence!

If you attempt to use a hotkey to change between Vertex, Edge, and Face selection, you will notice there is none. Instead you only get a selection window after pressing Ctrl+Tab, of which you have to painstakingly hit the button 1, 2, or 3 AFTER hitting the already complex hotkey, making it a very unconventional way to switch.

Well because of this, if you hit Ctrl+Tab+1,2, or 3 in one sweep, instead of getting the desired effect, it turns out it is a wierd 3-button hotkey to apply a subdivision surface modifier AND choose how many subdivisions it has. You can go from 1 to 5 subdivisions, but if you dont hit the keys fast enough, it will instead change your object mode or change your selection type.

Wow ok, its not as funky as i thought. The hotkey is actually Ctrl+1-5.

^Automated subdivision at 5 subdivisions

Ctrl+1 !

^Subdivision hotkey changing Subsurf to 1 addional subdivision

I will be making a macro for this tommorow so that I can change between verticie, edge, and face with ONE button like a sane person.

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I do like hotkeys, they speed up the work. But, as you currently experienced it, it can create havoc on on your work.
I had many moments when I was working on something, the mouse shifts to an other window and the keystrokes configured something, unnoticed. This problem increases when working on two screens.

Well, lesson learned!
keep on, meshing things up :wink:

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