Black lines in texture

I’m having trouble with a different bark texture on my branch. I get black lines and it doesn’t resemble the original image. Please see attached.

It looks pretty good on my tree trunks

Thanks for any assistance!



Is your tree bark image tilable? repeatable? Check for black line (at the borders).

Also, if it is not tileable, blender has an option to overlap blend in a part of the image. I forgot how this option is called and or located (sorry). So blending the border of the tile

Switah on /of parts of the nodes to get a grip on what moment your black line appears. A great help is the node wrangler addon.

I think on the branch the texture is rotated 90 degrees.
I would experiment with the mapping node with rotation and scale too probably.

(I would get rid of the displacement too. Unless the tree is high poly and seen close up.)

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