Black background when creating a new frame in LibreSprite

When I drag any spritesheet into libreSprite and then create a new frame as shown in the lecture, the new frame is created with a black background.
This doesn’t happen when I create a new sprite and add a frame.
Is dragging a spritesheet in changes some setting like sprite color space etc.? or is this a bug in LibreSprite? I haven’t found a place to change that yet.

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Hi there,
Is it possible the sprite sheet you are importing has a black background? What file format is the sheet you are importing?

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That’s what I initially thought, but I tried a few different spritesheets including the one shown in the video and I’m getting the same results.
The file format is PNG and looking at the frame I import it does show that it has an alpha channel

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Is the black erasable? Perhaps this is just your frame background color? What version of libresprite do you have installed?

It is the frame’s background, I’m just not sure where to set it and why it’s set to black when importing a sprite sheet, when I normally create a new canvas its set to transparent.
I’ll check what version I have later, but its probably the latest one, I downloaded it a week ago

In preferences you can update the background colour under Grid & Background. I’m not sure why that would be different after importing a sprite.

Hiya, I don’t know if you solved this but I had the same problem.

What worked for me was changing the background colour to white using the fill tool, then in the onion skin settings I clicked ‘in front of sprite’ and this fixed it.

Hopefully this works for you too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this.
Worked for me.

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