Bishop Notch Question

I am wondering why we have kept the notch separate for such a long time on the Bishop. It seems to have created a lot of extra work and introduced numerous points at where things have gone wrong - having to apply transforms and keep them connected and all that. What is the benefit?

My previous experience (admittedly a long time ago) is with AutoCAD and there you would just apply your boolean and move on. I confess that’s what I did here, I kept two models in my ‘bishop’ file, one without the notch applied, so I could fix it if I had to, then the one I appended which has the notch boolean applied and is a single object - from my point of view it seemed much easier, but I keep feeling like I have missed something.

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No you didn’t miss anything. I had the same experience.

Of course the thing is, when you applied the boolean modifier and removed the notch. You can not go back on a error. Or you use file backups regularly. Especially is the beginning of blender, you make lots of mistakes.

But you are right. It also confuses people !

So, if you placed the notch. And you have a nice boolean cut. You can apply the boolean modifier and delete the notch.But that said, in more professional environments. Boolean can be animated and can improve quick changes to a shape. I saw Blender GURU using boolean to create windows in buildings. Just because the work flow is faster, then moving edges and vertices if a window doesn’t fit.

See Part 1 - using a boolean to make a window. Using new tricks.

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Brilliant, thanks for the explanation - understood! :smiley:

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