Bishop - material preview vs rendered image


Could you tell me please why my bishop is much more glossier in the material preview then in the rendered mode?

Aren’t same rendering preferences applied for material preview and rendered image?

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Are you using the same render engines Eevee does the material preview, Cycles may be set as the renderer for rendered images and they do vary a bit.

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Thank you!

I think Eevee is set for both rendering and the viewport material preview.

In the viewport when I set ‘rendered’ view the pieces looks faded compared to the ‘material preview’ in the viewport.

Screenshot from 2021-06-15 22-43-01

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I suspect it appears differently in material preview mode because there is a HDRI lighting enabled in the Material view.


Yes, looks like that is a reason, not enough to make a surface reflective, it needs something to reflect…


*from *–cms-31266

Metallic and glossy materials created in 3D, need something to reflect. Using panoramic HDR Images as environment map, glossy materials gets a world around them to reflect.

How to Use HDR Images in Blender

In the World settings and in the Surface panel, click Use Nodes . In Color option select Environment Texture . For more details, see the screencast above.


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