Binary Wizard - My First Game based on Number Wizard UI

Hi all. I took several webdev lectures from several udemy courses since Feb this year and just started learning unity from Ben’s course. I have skimmed through the whole lecture, and now repeating the course. I wanted to have firm understanding of basic of Unity, C# and GUI so took the Number Wizard UI lecture and applied it to a completely new game.

Game objective: Players can learn basic binary concept in challenging way.
Game goal and rule

  • convert random decimal number to binary number.
  • you will be timed, but if you use hint button timer will be stopped.
  • you may press “generate new number” button without timer being stopped.

I am trying to bring this to the app store (ios/android), so i can learn the whole process of building a game app.

Please test it out and send me your feedbacks.

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