Beveled Cube to six sided die, exported to GMOD

I put a moderate bevel on the cube corners. Then I did a smart UV unwrap. Then I created a six sided die texture using Then I imported the texture back into Blender to get the correct spots to the correct sides. An official die should have the 1 opposite the 6, the 2 opposite the 4 and the 3 opposite of the five.

Next, I used the Valve SDK export tool, and Studio Complier to convert the SMD file exported by the plugin to an MDL file usable by Gary’s mod. This is brutal I still cannot get the material to show up perfectly but…

There is an addon called Roll Play Materials which allows you to change the material of a prop after you have rezed it, and I have mastered that. So, I hit my model with my texture, and finally.

I have playable, working six sided dice in Gary’s Mod.


That’s very cool, a really nice way to create something and go from start to finish and actually use it! Nice work.

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