Bevel vertex result

I like the bevel vertex operation and can see many uses for it going forward although, as pointed out by @FedPete, this particular case leaves you with two faces with 5 sides (which he solves below although applying a “to sphere” or a shrink wrap modifier (which have not been covered in enough detail yet!!!) will further help the solution as some points will be incorrectly co-plannar!!)).

While I believe most of blenders operations work well with quads, and all work well with triangles;
n-gons (polygons more than 4 edges) can cause many problems in modelling, rendering, modifiers and animation.

They should be avoided, eliminated or at worst hidden where they will have least impact on a model. Many thanks @FedPete. I should have known better!


You need to try not to have a face with 5 vertices. Quad faces are the best (4 vertices)

In your case, you can divide the fiver for a quad (if you wish). It can solve some technical problems.


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Love it. Thank you @FedPete. Great advice and solution. Fixing it now.

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FedePete spotted the problem. I thought the course dealt with it too? Might be my memory making it up!

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