Bevel problems in door creation


I don’t know why, but when I try to bevel the edges of my door, it works in a strange way. Instead of creating horizontal lines, it creates lines which converge to the vertex.

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Probably due to problems in your mesh!

  • Check for doubles - Merge by distance
  • Check for inner geometry (faces inside the arc) - your block has a top face - Use X-Ray
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As FedPete points out you have extra geometry messing up the bevelling.

Edit mode, Select all with A, Press M, then pick ‘By Distance’. Usually fixes such issues.
Internal face a possibility, find it, delete it.
Then Check the normals directions. Overlays dropdown top right side area of the menu bar, Tick Face Orientation, Blue is good, red is bad. Select All, Shift N, fixes it.


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