Bettle Tank

I really really struggled with this one. Re-drew it a bunch and could not get the proportions to looks right, especially in the wheels. It kinda looks off balance even still but I just decided to colour it in and keep moving.


To some extent it looks a bit of balance, but I can see it looking completely normal if there was a slightly slanted road under, if maybe the vehicle is maneuvering through a tight city center, or a bumpy trail in the forest, the back right wheel could be on top of a small rock maybe.

I like how you made the vehicle have scratches and marks all around, makes it look far more realistic, I love the weapons on the vehicle as well, really adds a lot of creativity to the vehicle, nicely done!


You’ve hit the nail on the head with your explanation, as the camera view without the slanted road is what’s making it look off balance. :slightly_smiling_face:


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