Better to have Lecture Project Changes

Like other coursed provided on Udemy, this course better to have a Lecture Project Changes link where some students can find source code of the lectures, because sculpting is very complicated and students may have an ugly sculpting result. It is more important for students to learn the correct sculpting method/concepts than spending lots of time struggling to get a good sculpting result. Thanks.

Don’t have to provide source code for every lecture, just at the end of the Section should be very good. Thanks again.

For me it’s not how to make beautiful mesh models.
By copying the exact behavior of the tutor.
It’s all about the steps you need to learn, to make a mesh model.
And understand the process from block modeling to high poly and back to low poly (if you wish).

I understand that you are struggling, like we all do. But that is the learning process.
And if people miss a step and have a bad result. Maybe a sign, to redo certain parts of this course.
And find out where it went wrong. You can always ask for help and support on this forum.

As I understand you, you want only to learn the theory behind Blender correct sculpting and not to practice. Maybe the Blender manual can be of some help.

Have fun, keep up the good spirit.

By “source code” I meant the .blend files.


The blend files. That makes sense now.
I have never used the files often provided like that. So I did not see what you wanted.
If your own version is not up to what you expect, surely that is a lesson to go back over and make better. If you want to make things by downloading you can buy ready made models at various places.

I do not believe there are any blend files to replace what you were supposed to do in the lessens with this course. Unlikely to be any either from what I can imagine.

Thank you! You are right!

Resources but maybe not the step by step models are supposed to be added to the course.
Things like the character reference images or the crate used in the later lectures will be uploaded to the course soon.
We had process issue which has now been resolved.

Just to clarify this may only be the course resources and not a step by step download of the model in progress

Hope this clarifies and apologies for the confusion

Thank you, Marc! That would be great!

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Just to clarify there will be at some points the ability to download a copy of the model.
In particular at the end of the texturing before we get into rigging there will be a model to download as well so you can work on rigging without needed to do the sculpting if so needed

Just thought i would post the update with more information :slight_smile:

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Dear Marc, you are so thoughtful! Thank you so much! A great aid to people with different backgrounds and different needs! :+1: :+1:

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