Bent joints on retarget for Meta Human

So when I go to use Live Retarget Mode it makes my meta human with bent joints. It doesn’t look as smooth/relaxed as others. Is there any known way to fix it?

(If images uploaded you can see the difference in what I’m looking at.)

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I have the same issue with the arms. I believe (in my case) it’s because the hands are trying to lock themselves into the same exact position as the mannequin’s hands. Because the character is shorter than the mannequin, the elbows have to be bent further (IK constraint) than the mannequin. Here’s a pair of images that shows what I mean.

Sadly, I’m unsure of the fix, but since I’m just following along for now and this won’t prevent me from continuing, I’m just ignoring the issue. Maybe there’s some scaling that can be done to one or both of the skeletons to get them to match a little better.

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Yup, this seems to happen because of differences with the size and/or shape of the MetaHuman vs Manny.

Poking around the internet a little bit I’ve seen a few suggest this video for a rundown of editing MetaHumans after retargeting to Manny. Though I suspect this doesn’t use the Live Retarget feature like we are.

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