Ben Awakes From Coma

Hi People, I Just posted my first 2D Text Adventure Game. I would like you to play my game and please give a feedback. It’s not a big game but it’s sure is amusing. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Nice game.

“Don’t be a simp”, best ending ever.

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LoL! Thanks man

A Guardian Angel in the Cryptocurrency Realm: Mighty Hacker Yuri

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Yuri’s expertise was evident from the start. He was methodical and confident in his approach, swiftly identifying vulnerabilities and successfully recovering my stolen crypto. What truly sets Yuri apart is his commitment to educating his clients. He didn’t stop at recovery; he explained security best practices and tailored them to my needs.
Throughout the process, Yuri was transparent and never asked for upfront fees, a reassuring sign of his professionalism. In conclusion, Mighty Hacker Yuri is a hero in the crypto world. He not only recovered my funds but also empowered me with knowledge. I highly recommend Yuri for anyone dealing with crypto issues. Thank you, Yuri, for your exceptional work!
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