BehavoirTree extremely drops FPS

Hi there!
Recently noticed, that Ai logic drops FRS, if bot is coming close and still beeng in ‘Chase’ branch.

Here is short demo

Is it bad without the debug visuals on?

Seems like full rebuild (VS) solved it. But im steel feeling, there is something strange in such performance issues

Hm… it happens after any changes in BT. Only restarting project helps

Might be something to report to Epic

I am actually getting an issue similar to this now as well.
I accidently deleted my in scene enemies as they fell off the map as weas being lazy to move them so deleted and re-added. (lesson learnt)
I found on adding new enemies to the scene that they no longer saw me as an enemy and as no nav mesh at the time it couldnt walk either so it flicked between them doing nothing.
Looking for fix now

Edit :- Confirmed that rebuilding VS files fixes the FPS issue (you dont even need to delete jsut right click and rebuild), Still looking for the reason why my enemies cannot see me as an enemy even though its all tagged right.
2nd Edit :_ I have noticed the reappearance of this bug

LogOutputDevice:Error: UEdGraphPin::BreakLinkTo Pin ‘Out’ on node ‘Selector’ not reciprocally linked with pin ‘In’ on node ‘Run Behavior’

I noticed that if left to run for a period of time fps drops. This does not go away if you stop and start play again so i think its that causing it.
It is a pin in a bluepreint somewhere thats missing a connection and its in one of the lectures will post back if i find it!

did this eventually get solved? when my patrol character starts behaving, my fps gets cut in half

It is because the AI is also finding each other as opponent and then starts approaching each other and get stuck, because the blackboard value is getting set to them! Oh and I am using two enemies.

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