Beginner Question - Subdivision Pointers?

I reworked my cello and used 2 iterations of the Catmull-Clark subdivision method. The outside curvature of the cello looks great.

I marked a few areas with creases (value of 1.0) so that the subdivision modifier would leave them alone. Everything went well with that. My difficulty now is that some of the subdivision around the areas that are more complex is kinda… squirrely… I guess I’d call it.

It seems like a problem with the way that I modeled the thing out - I’m guessing that any 3D software would be unsure of what I wanted to do there so it just does what the software does because I’m not yet skilled enough to tell it differently. This is where I miss being in college for this sort of thing, like I was when I was first learning Photoshop and Illustrator, but I’m in the US and college is pretty expensive.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips or words of wisdom, I’d appreciate that a lot.


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