Beginner in blender

As a beginner in blender I spend almost like 5 hours or so and come out with this render…

But I want if possible… To all pro blender users to attempt this “church cemetry” image and show how well it can be done… It will help me to grow as a beginner… Thank you for your support



You can only learn by doing it by yourself. If you get in trouble, then you post a message for help.

In this nice composition, you started with a dark scene. Which is difficult to do, because it involves some light setup skills. You have only one main light source and that is the moon. And some inner lights. The camera is now pointed to the dark side of the church. So you added an unnatural light to emphasize the church.

And when using Eevee by default, some options are turned off. Which could improve the scene. Have fun and let us know your progress.

Thank you for your review… I very much appreciated things you said and will going to work on that… Your review means a lot to me

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Dude you made this using just primitives(cubes,cylinder,cone…)?

This is true, however if you zoom in the render, it was made in cycles :smile: