A project I’ve started after getting the hang of the basics with block modeling.


Oh HECK. This is great. I especially like the barn and wheat field.

I am for sure following you if this is the kind of quality we can always expect from you!

A tip for clouds: You should try using the decimate modifier on an icosphere. It creates a more ‘random’ but controlled shape which, when resized or rotated, can look like many different shapes and sizes. If you do that to a couple of icospheres to different results, you can get a ton of great looking and varied clouds! (Not that there’s anything wrong with the current clouds!) It also works a treat for rocks, bushes, and tree tops.

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I’m glad you liked my model :smile: . Also, thank you for the tip I have another project in mind that I will be sure to apply it to.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

By the way, you should consider making something for the weekly topics we have here. You can find them here.

And you also get the chance to pick the next week’s topic! It’s great for collaboration and sharing with others too!

Hi, I really love your 3D Beanstalk, can you please email me the project? I need it for my school project, thank you so much for your help and i will really appreciate it.

Hi, you can find projects on sketchfab with free licence,
or you can create by yourself its very fun)

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