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I removed the edgeloops of the head and body in the center.

I thought my mesh was not too complex, but had some problems with UV unwrapping.
Head, body, arms and legs are separated, but there are still some distortions.
Not sure if that would be considered good enough unwrap, or should I do it differently or add more seams.

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I probably ended up making a lot more seams than necessary and i’m not really sure that’s how a UV map is supposed to look like but here it is:

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Well, It’s nicely done. It depends on what you want to paint which define how you place the seams.
If it’s only colour then place simple seams.
Place seams at the back of you visual. (places which not been seen easily).
I See you placed a seam in the middle of the face, over the nose.
Now it’s difficult to paint a face (because it has two parts.
Better, place a seam over the ears. Or even better, at the back of the head.

Thanks for the feedback!
I had gone up to the texturing character lecture and was having troubles with the face, but now i think i’ll have an easier time :slight_smile:

UV Unwrap

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Looks more like a city map for now

Never thought about unwrapping half a model before but here it is

And here is the unwrap for the chess piece

I tried unwrapping the half-model (before mirror application), and it was a bit of a mess, with unrelated pieces jammed in every which way. The full model unwrapped more sensibly: