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Concepts make sense when i run through them a few time.

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By the way Ben, the ‘WORLD_LINE’ is driving me crazy. :grin:

Eventually figures it out after several people mentioning the same things lol.

Sorry guys, because we use version control to keep our lectures consistent I’m afraid I can’t sensibly change this. I did pop an annotation in to apologise at the time of the mistake. Forgive me?


I’m using an older IDE (VS 2010) for the moment but I’m able to get results so far.

You’ll need at least 2015 for use in Unreal.

Can anyone tell me what Ben used to have his wallpaper background? Like the way it is in this video at the 1:20 mark? I’d like to have my desktop wallpaper display the current time, my name, and a message like Ben’s? I’m using Windows 7…it this a new feature for Windows 10? Or is it a download that I could install? I google searched and couldn’t find it, found something similar but not the same one he uses. Thanks!

It’s called Momentum, it’s an addon for chrome (maybe for other browsers too.)

Here’s a link to it,
For the chrome-version atleast, hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I love this course and am love what I’m learning. I’m learning little by little but already I feel like I’m learning a lot.

This is My Getline attempt

going well so far :grin:

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