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I did a bit of refactoring (jumping the gun, I know, but it was bothering me):

private void ApplyMovement ()
    Vector3 xyThrow = new Vector3 (CrossPlatformInputManager.GetAxis ("Horizontal"), CrossPlatformInputManager.GetAxis ("Vertical"), 0f);
    xyOffset = new Vector3 (xyThrow.x * speed, xyThrow.y * speed, 0f) * Time.deltaTime;

    Vector3 rawPos = transform.localPosition + xyOffset;
    Vector3 clampedPos = new Vector3 (Mathf.Clamp (rawPos.x, -xRange, xRange), Mathf.Clamp (rawPos.y, yRangeMin, yRangeMax), transform.localPosition.z);

    transform.localPosition = clampedPos;

It seems to work the same. Maybe I’ll run into issues down the track haha

A heuristic I came up with for pitch, yaw, roll is:

yaw obviously has a ‘y’ in it
the end of ‘pitch’ sounds more like an ‘x’ than the end of ‘roll’. I sound it out as ‘pitx’.
z also has two lines on the top, and so does the double-L of ‘roll’

That could be useful. It’s called a mnemonic by the way.



  1. a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something.

Heuristic is enabling a person to learn or discover something for themselves… ohh the irony

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