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These are my two implementations that I discovered from unplanned behaviors:

  1. While I was resizing player, I realized that I could implement some kind of “power up” or “magic” that give the player the ability to change become smaller, so it fits in small “secret passages” like Super Metroid morph ball, or become bigger and stronger.

  2. When testing path finding, some of enemies got stuck on wall corners, so I came with the idea of implement a “line of sight” using Raycasting. Now, the enemy stop chasing the player if the player manages to get away from that enemy sight.

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My idea was the inverse of Rick’s — make an enemy whose stopping distance is 0, put a bunch of them on screen as a mob and watch them try to ram into you from all sides. (I had this idea to eventually make them try to shove you off a cliff or into a poison pit, but that would require some coding footwork around the nav mesh logic)

I don’t know if its something from newer versions of Unity, but there is a checkmark that says “Auto Braking”. I unchecked it and everything slides when it has no target. I don’t know if it’s useable but I find it kind of funny. Might be useable as part of some paralyze/shutdown/freeze magic.

Other than that, I liked the sliding enemies, but I got bugged by the fact that enemies don’t fall down anything. I’d love to have them chasing me fast, do a side step, and watch them falling through the cliff. THAT WOULD BE FUNNY!

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