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Great Lectures. However, the information is a bit overwhelming for a Blender beginner like me. Would it be possible to have a PDF file for each lecture that includes shortcuts or the various way to do things.

This unit on Transforming objects was packed full, and overall I feel I got an excellent grounding in the transform capabilities in Blender. I had to pause several times, review what was said, switch over into Blender and try it, and set several bookmarks to come back to the content. I think it was better than the original Blender course in succinctly getting the main concepts across. Bravo! I’m really enjoying this course.

Loving this course right now, the lectures are really well organised and everything is very clear.

Have to say this course is awesome! Having done most of the first course the pace is about perfect for me to consolidate knowledge. The scope, pace and sequence is well planned and delivered, so thanks for that.

In my other life I am a high school teacher. I am not sure who your target audience is and I am hesitant to offer suggestions as the may be construed as criticism which they wouldn’t be, however I have a few ideas on how to structure the course depending on age and skill level of your students.

Thanks again for this wonderful learning experience. Just wish there was a USB port on the back of my skull so I could download all these great lessons.

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