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I have noticed before this lecture, but didn’t really look into it until the file size was mentioned for the level. (Using UE 4.14.1) The map seems to be broken down into two separate files. The .umap and _BuiltData.uasset file. Can someone let me know what the _BuiltData.uasset is?

FYI, if you add the total memory of these two files and they are the 20MB, the same file size as single file mentioned in the lecture.

Oh cool! Maybe they have split these two out now. What are the sizes of the two ?

After completeing lecture 264 Hit VS Overlap, the file sizes are:

Map.umap = 6.5 MB (World.h)
Map_BuiltData.uasset is 60.3MB (MapBuildDataRegistry.h )

Awesome. Looks like they have fixed that issue. In that case you can definitely ignore the builtData and keep teh map.

The _BuiltData.uasset is just the built stuff like lighting (basically everything under the Build toolbar button) and can always be recreated by clicking the build button. You don’t need it in Git.



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