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Jumped the gun a little :smiley:

I went back to go do the challenge “properly” and noticed something in when we both create new files. Ours are different. It became apparent @Michael_Bridges when you changed into right ortho view. The axis are correct but your camera is opposite to the lamp where as mine appear both on the same side.

I wonder if this has caused confusion in the past.


I’ll be waiting for this course to release. Sounds much more relevant pertaining to game design.


I attached a bone to a cylinder and made a thick coin falling on the ground and then jumping up and setting itself up again. :smiley:




Just showing my Dope … :wink:


Psychedelic Golden Suzanne


Hello everyone! Here is my keyframe challenge (I used a simple cube)!


Whoa! This lesson proves you shouldn’t do a tutorial on speed. Too much jumping around and too little cogent information.


What do you mean ‘speed’ ? Explain yourself.