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What lecture is this?

yeah is this is a mistake or are these Testing Grounds FPS lectures we cannot see? They are indeed not in the list of viewable lectures for the course

@sampattuzzi please take a look to see if a tag needs removing.

They were just unpublished for a while. They are now online. They still need some tweaking and improvement so be warned!

sounds good except I still don’t see anything?

^No apparent way to view all lectures of the unreal course

Btw a little off topic, but as a course idea, some bonus lectures on how you made the space sation and planet in the background of the course’s splash image would be interesting if not for some extended tutorials on unreal’s material system.

Maybe you could make a mini-course entirely on unreal’s materials. I know I could learn about this elsewhere but would be interesting to hear from Ben and Sam on it, since compared to other tutorials you guys seem interested in your viewers understanding what you do, not just seeing it.

hmm it would appear these were patchwork videos injected prior to the end of the course and I forgot the total lecture count.

We didn’t actually make this image. I imagine it was a stock model then touched up.

If you are very keen for the early stuff, search the lecture list here:

Keywords are polymorphism and template

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