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Hi Guys,

Now if you are like me and wonder why your character does the slip and slide on certain parts of the terrain and none of these fixes stopped it then its because the bug has been missed!
If you check every single enemy or NPC character you have and look at the rigidbody it is set to isKinematic.
If you look at your player including the one in the course its not got it on.

The second i put on isKinematic my bugs on terrain were massively reduced.

(Tried this on the knight AND the mage and same effect)


Anyone have trouble with slopes? I have 30 degree slopes(dungeon staircase) and so far I think that will be the steepest I will ever go. I have tried numerous setting changes and adjustments on the player but no luck. He cannot climb them smoothly or even at all sometimes. Any ideas?

To answer my own question. The problem with the slope was nothing to do with the nav mesh or the player controls. It was the weapon he is using. It was the box collider on the weapon that was hitting the slope first. I added this comment for other readers just to show that problems you may or might have in game might not be coming from the source you think it is.

Hi, I checked this and you’re right. I noticed my player was sliding about on bits of props and when I checked isKinematic this stopped. But now my player moves real slow and looks like he’s running on ice.

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