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Hi Sam and Ben

After following the lecture ‘Switching 1st and 3rd Person,’ and the two following this one; I had two guns. Not sure if it is something in version 4.15.3, but I have reverted back to the previous commit (sure glad I have a backup) and will try again.

Also I am getting the warning about a guard not having patrol points, and it is the Third Person Character we dropped in as the First Person Character.

@sampattuzzi would be the best person to shed some light on this.

Have you looked at where that other gun is coming from?

Hi Sam,

I am in the process of recreating the project. I have started over in order to stop the logging errors for the FP character not having patrol points (I guess I’m a little OCD). As soon as I have completed the rebuild, I will post here and to the Q&A the link to my GitHub repo.

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