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Hi @ben When I tried to add a tag to my asset prefab like you showed in the lecture, I was not able to find a tag that said “Scene Setup”. Is there a way to create custom tags in Unity 5.5? Thanks.

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Click the tag icon and at the top where there is the magnifying glass, type in SceneSetup and then press enter.


Thanks @halldorr

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Wow that is horrifically NOT OBVIOUS.


I spent hours searching in vain for this! Many of those hours were to discover that what ben calls tags are not what Unity calls tags, but are what Unity calls labels. The Unity manual was very helpful suggesting that I only needed to press the second button on the left called “Labels”.

Hi, I can’t see any of your comments/discussion in Google Doc. It’s also like that for previous design docs you’ve shared. I couldn’t find any setting option that is related to it on my side - is it possible that it’s some configuration on your side as owners of the docs?

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