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Slowly crank down the portculis
Unless there are barbarians, then just drop it




I did a gate opening mechanically and closing fast

Gate Open SlowGate Slam Shut


Smooth and slow portcullis vs slamming portcullis:
portcullis_smooth and slow_flat portcullis_fast_flat


Castle anim smooth Castle anim quick merged


This is my go at this. Please excuse the wonky door way :joy:
I wanted to get the animation out as fast as possible and so made some corner cuts here and there!

Portcullis shutting slowly flattened Portcullis slamming flattened




I cheated a bit. I reused material from the Blender 3D course (which I followed and appreciated very much). Where we crafted a church with a arch. I only needed to build render the portcullis. and three render with transparent bitmaps (I could have rendered it also as animation in Blender, but I didn’t).

c46-castlefence%20-%20equal and c46-castlefence%20-%20inout

Based on:

That’s it. Happy animating.


here’s my porticl…whatever its called



Slow And Steady…

Slow%20In%20And%20Out%202 Slow%20In%20And%20Out


Here are my porcullises. I kept them simple and they still took me a decent chunk of time!

Portcullis%20Steady%20Flattened Portcullis%20Slam%20Flattened





The inner portcullis is animated mechanically. It moves at 5 px per frame. The outer portcullis starts out moving at 5 px a frame for the first two frames, then doubles it’s movement each frame for three frames, and bounces and jiggles at the end.




Love the jiggle!


Nice shake at the end!


Here’s the portcullis being steadily lowered.
This second one moves a little bit farther each tick, and then I added some dust at the end.


Portcullis_slow Portcullis_slam