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Hi! (we must follow Ben instruction…)


Hello! How do we watch the content on youtube? If Im a lifetime member do I get premium access to the youtube channel as well?



If I understand the video a day or so ago, that is a separate thing and at present you have to pay for access there.

I believe they said they have no way of granting access seperately at this time.


So, we have two ways - short - blocked by warders, and long - with sleeping archers. And there are two levels for fight.


Here is my first attempt at setting up this. Got to have arches (possibly with a grill later on). This will be turned into a dungeon level.



@George_Rooney Nice Arch :slight_smile:


a quick scene made in Maya and imported to unity.


I got a bit carried away i think…

What i did find handy tho, is the ‘V’ for vertex snapping to get the corner vertices lined up.


I also created a prototype village.


A quick sandbox level


Simple, two entrances and a ramp. Lol.


So this is my poor attempt at it. I really do need to get better at it, but it’s a start.


My take on a basic combat sandbox/arena. The player starts where you see, perhaps learns the basic controls (if this where an actual game). Then they must go up the ramp and then go left and right (either order) to defeat some bad guys and cause the gate blocking the final area to lower. Smaller platforms would be where a player gets an ability/weapon and the larger platforms are where they can try them out on enemies.


This is my level sandbox, the sideways cubes are supposed to represent trees.


combat sandbox


Very open level, didnt put too much effort :slight_smile:


Jump about


hi, my sandbox features SAND… and a tower block… and a loading ramp?