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A quick demo of my particle effects for AoE and SH.

One thing that’s bugging me which you can see here is when enemies die they often die before the attack animation has started even though the anim is triggered first. Any tips on improving this? Maybe a delay in implementing the damage to enemy?

Particle Effects Demo


Hi Pete, this will be improved by the end of the section.

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Good to hear, thanks Ben.


Not sure what’s happening, but it seems that my self heal vfx are slightly off. I may be overly tired and just completely missed something, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Though the X rotation is set to 270 in the SH_VFX prefab, it seems in game whenever I use the ability, the clone created ends up with a 360 rotation and the pluses shoot out in front of him. If I try changing it to 180 the rotation of the clone changes to 0 and he shoots the pluses into the ground. Its not breaking anything but I’m not entirely sure where things are going funny as a result or if I missed something but now its driving me nuts as it looks rather off.

In SelfHealBehaviour.cs, you must have forgotten to update the line in the PlayParticleEffect() function:

var prefab = Instantiate(config.GetParticlePrefab(), transform.position, Quaternion.identity);


var prefab = Instantiate(config.GetParticlePrefab(), transform.position, config.GetParticlePrefab().transform.rotation);

or the more readable way:

var particlePrefab = config.GetParticlePrefab();
var prefab = Instantiate(particlePrefab, transform.position, particlePrefab.transform.rotation);

Which does eventually get changed in later lectures though.

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