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I’m really confused why the Blender devs chose the RMB to be the default way to select and the LMB to be the one to place the 3D cursor. It seems like a hassle for you to learn to select with the RMB when everything else is selected with the LMB.

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It will become second nature… took a bit… but I’m no longer training my brain… it just does it…

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hi finished lecture 10, thanks

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And here is what you asked for i guess :slight_smile:

To anyone who has just started using Blender, I am a long time user and using the RMB is the best thing you could do for object manipulation. Just try to get used to it.

By the time Blender 2.5 came out I was very used to using it. Just not a skilled Blender user then.

Here is mine.

And a pencil I decided to try to make.

Completely new to anything 3D, so it’s rough, but I thought I’d share my screen capture for everyone to see. This is going to be a really steep learning curve, but looking forward to getting better.

Here it is:

Here is my screen shot for Lecture 10.

Here is mine. I have been using Blender for about 2-3 years but wanted to further my education with it.

Here is a simple ice cream truck lol.

This is my first setup from Section 1/Lesson 11.

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