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Hi Mike.
There seems to be something wrong with the sync between the audio and video in this lecture; the sounds just don’t quite line up with the mouth shapes. The same issue occurs in lecture 15 in section 2. These are both videos of you in a red shirt against a white background. The videos with you and Ben together don’t have this problem, so maybe the format of this shoot is different and Udemy isn’t handling it properly?

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Thanks @teapot21

@Michael_Bridges please note incase you haven’t seen this.

Thanks I’m having a look now to see what has caused it

They playback fine for me on both Udemy and at source, perhaps a temporary glitch on Undemy’s end?

Hope the video will help you out. I have no idea whats causing it. I tried in both Google Chrome and IE.

We will be replacing this with a dual talking head shortly, so even if some students have issues this will auto resolve. Thanks for pointing it out, and for the helpful video.

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