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hi ben,

my name is Dimitar. I come from Bulgaria.
14 years in the industry as a level designer.

have fun,

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My name is James. I am from the Chicago land area but I reside in Oswego, IL. I went to Tribeca Flashpoint Academy where I graduated with a degree in video game design. During my during my time at Tribeca Unreal 4 was still in development and we mainly focused on working and building games in Unity. I joined to build my knowledge with the new unreal editor and try to get familiar with it.

James Bialobok


My name is Raquel. I’m from California. This is my first time learning any type of code so I’m excited to be here!



My name is Rushyaketh. I’m from India.I have a bit of knowledge in c++ and i really love coding .I am really looking forward to learn game coding.


Hey, everybody I’m Verbal.

I’ve been self-teaching UE4 about 5 months now and just wanted a course to fill in the gaps. Just finished section 1, time to get into it…


My name is André and I’m from Brazil. I’m 29 and have a degree in History. Game design has been a passion of mine for a long time now and I hope this course will be a good introduction to both coding and making my own games.

Thanks a lot,

André Bogaz

My name is Canaan and I live in Ohio. I just signed a deal with an acquaintance of mine where I work to start developing games. I’ve always been interested in the subject but never really had the resources up until now to learn.



My name is Luqman, and I live in Canada. I have no prior experience in game development or coding, and i found that this course would likely help me learn C++ and more about video game decelopment.

I hope to get to know many of you.

Hi There!

My name is Luke, and I am a 3D Animator/ Game & Level designer. I have recently finished my bachelors in Animation, and am looking to expand both my community and toolset in regards to the gaming industry. I am always looking for a good challenge, so I hope to run into everyone in the forums! Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, and I hope that I can rely on everyone here to be willing to help in the future.

This is my second foray into programming, as I have dabbled in using PyMel (Python and Mel script) for Maya rigging and scene setup. While programming is definitely not my first love (looking at you 3D level design), I know that I will be working with vast members of an amazing game studio, and I want to be able to understand and provide for them in whatever capacity I can.



I am new and hope I have lots of fun.

Hello Guys,

my name is Waldemar and in from Germany. I love playing games aND i love art (dancing and music). Developing games is an art for me and i wanna try to be good enough to code some games by myself like the “big ones” :smiley:

As we say in germany: O’ Zapft is!

Hey everyone!

My namei s Darren, and I’m a student in Electronic Systems Engineering living in Canada. I’ve done a fair amount of programming in C, Assembly, Ruby on Rails, and some Python. I’ve always wanted to dive into C++, and learning to build games at the same time seemed like a great bonus!

Hi everyone!

My name is Tom Cassidy and I live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been a life long gamer and have always wondered what makes games tick. My hope is to find something here that I can see myself doing long term. Learning how to program a game at the same time is a huge plus and I’m really looking forward to making my first.


My name is Patrick and I live in Queens, New York. I have always loved video games but it wasn’t until recently that I started to try making my own. I’ve actually been teaching myself some Python because I heard that it is a good language to start with. But to make the games I want to make I think I’ll have to switch to C. My plan was to start with making a simple text adventure or two and then work my way up to a more complex RPG. Ultimately I’d like to make something similar to Final Fantasy XII. For me coding is more of a hobby at the moment but if I can leverage this knowledge into a long-term career that would be fantastic.

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