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I’ve come accross two different issues with this and the following sections although i cant be sure one is not of my own doing.
First pass.
I have the updated First Person Character scripts and so there is a lot more in the scripts that i needed to comment out before. When Sam does the refactor and moves the InputComponent part mine actually says PlayerInputComponent.
If you copy and paste this it wont work you have to change it to InputComponent in both instances that Sam copies.

Second pass (own project)
Wierdly when i ported in the first person character into building escape it actually didnt create any projectile scripts or generate any code in the first person character script either.
EDIT :- I’ve also noticed a lot of other code missing as if they changed the template twice recently between building escape and testing grounds. My template doesnt create the FP_Gun or FP_Muzzle.
On rechecking this it appears that the template you import into an existing project is different from that of a new project.

Looks like i will be rebuilding Shadow Stalker from the ground up!

@sampattuzzi I did post on the Q&A and posting this there would just be a wall of text :slight_smile:

Presumably, you could just create a new project then bring the assets across into shadow stalker. There shouldn’t be any need to start from scratch.

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I could but we have since discovered that basic projects use engine.h and first person based template projects use engineminimal.h.
This is a pain as its causing problems with getting a physics handle from blueprint and changind to engine.h over engineminimal.h (Or just #including) causes the editor to crash.
It does solidify the learning and i am pretty well caught up in just a couple of days.
Will post an update in that thread but will post a solution if i find one to my physicshandle problem.

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