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pretty hard going if like me you forget to remove the original camera animations as they tend to fight each other heh. but handy-cam attempt


Hello! And thanks for the tip, @OboShape. I went ahead and deleted the original keyframes for the camera and light source. Then I started to record while moving the camera around…

Here is the result:

and its blend file:

ChalengeS1L10.blend (531.8 KB)

This automatic Keyframe insertion tool is interesting, but I do not think I’ll be using it very often… Maybe because I enjoyed the outcome of the previous challenge more… Well, only time will tell.


here is my ‘jittering camera’… it was so jittering that I have to clear some ‘misdirected’ keyframes to give this animation some meaning…later on i move the camera out and did it again , with less jittering


To me, it looks like a real earthquake … :rofl:


Well, this was irritating to do. I recorded this session several times. Because when I was ready with the animation, I moved my mouse to the stop recording button. But then camera moved also. :sweat_smile:


PS. The animation was too large for upload, so I used a different colour bit depth.


Recording Manual Movement


Open GL handcam


Earthquake table scene. Good to know about this feature.